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Jay-Z Regrets His Hit Song ‘Big Pimpin’ — ‘I Can’t Believe I Said That’

Jay-Z is one of the world’s most successful rappers, a businessman, and an entrepreneur who has made history time and time again. He has released many hit songs over the years, from “Can I Get A…” to “Girls, Girls, Girls.”

While Jay-Z has often been a subject of controversy among critics who take issue with his occasionally racy lyrics and provocative imagery, the artist himself has always risen above the fray, releasing songs that portray and personify his take on the urban experience.

Without a doubt, one of Jay-Z’s biggest hits is the song “Big Pimpin’,” a tune that, for many, encapsulates the early 2000s.

The song “Big Pimpin'” features some pretty racy lyrics, like many of Jay-Z’s songs. It caused some controversy when it was released, and to this day, some fans can’t sing along without blushing a bit. Still, the song is Jay-Z’s most iconic work, and it remains a staple on the radio.

As to his own feeling about the song, Jay-Z himself remains conflicted.

In an interview with The Wall Street Journal, Jay-Z talked about his unique writing process, which involves not writing his lyrics down while composing songs. He admitted that, while some of his lyrics are “really profound” when he sees them on paper, he feels differently about “Big Pimpin'”:

“That’s the exception. It was like, I can’t believe I said that. And kept saying it. What kind of animal would say this sort of thing? Reading it is really harsh.”

In spite of the artist’s feelings about the hit song, there’s no doubt that it helped him become a superstar — and cemented his status as one of the music industry’s biggest power players.


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