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Jermaine Dupri Vows To "Break The Internet" If Diddy Accepts "Verzuz" Battle

Atlanta producer Jermaine Dupri is hungry to take on Diddy on a Verzuz battle — and vows the event would break the internet. In a recent interview with Fat Joe on The Fat Joe Show, Dupri made it clear there’s only one name he wants for a battle.

“So So Def, Bad Boy, will we ever see that in a Verzuz?” Joe asks around the 44-minute mark. “Or will we see So So Def versus somebody else?”
"I’m for the culture. Whatever the culture wants"

“Jermaine, you for the culture but if the Verzuz come on and it’s live from ATL with the chandeliers. You would prefer you to be sitting in one chair and Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs sitting in the other?” Fat Joe asked him.

“A hundred percent. We gonna break the f*ckin’ internet,” he said. “You know, the internet is broken that day… That’s what people want to see.”

Now we’re just waiting to see if Diddy is up for the challenge. Diddy was previously trying to go head to head with Dr. Dre — but the west coast producer is not interested in taking part in a Verzuz.

Though no word from Diddy yet, it would certainly be one of the biggest Verzuz battles.

Should Diddy take on JD?



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