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JetBlue Airlines Kicked Bobby Brown Off a Flight, Then Gave Him a Refund

Bobby Brown was removed from a Boston-bound airplane on Monday morning after allegedly getting into an altercation before takeoff, thus prompting police to respond.

TMZ reported that the singer was sitting in the first class section of the JetBlue flight when the supposed incident occurred. Some people, per TMZ, believe the airline rushed to judgment.

"Passengers sitting around Bobby say he was not disruptive and did not interfere with the flight crew," the webloid said. "Although he admitted to drinking before boarding, he was not being difficult and did not make a fuss when he was told he couldn't have a drink."

A rep for JetBlue said the singer was "removed from the aircraft prior to departure after crewmembers observed indications of intoxication. " The statement continued, "The decision to remove a customer from a flight is not taken lightly. In this instance, the customer was offered a seat on a later flight. The customer declined and was issued a refund."

The situation led to the airline ordering all passengers off the plane. However, upon exiting, Bobby was reportedly held at the entrance door until police got there. While surrounded by four police officers, the singer reportedly yelled that he needed to be at his brother's funeral.

(A Brown family source told TMZ that Bobby was actually headed to the funeral of one of his cousins, as his only brother passed three years ago.)

Bobby was not let back onto the airplane, but the rest of the passengers were. The flight departed without Bobby.



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