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Joe Budden Says Coronavirus Pandemic Is 'Form Of Population Control'

Joe Budden is sharing his thoughts on the coronavirus pandemic that has adversely affected thousands of citizens around the world.

During a recent Instagram Live conversation with Lupe Fiasco, The Joe Budden Podcast host discussed what it was like living in New York City, the epicenter of the virus.

"I'm actually abiding by what they're telling us to do, which is stay in the house. New York is fucked up."

Joe said in response to Lupe telling him that he looks like he hasn't been outside in "decades." The Drogas Wave MC was referring to Budden's growing beard with visible gray hairs.

He later added, “We’ll bounce back. It’s just gon’ be a slow, slow process. I believe all this shit is some form of population control anyway.”

Watch the conversation down below.


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