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John Witherspoon's Funniest Hip-Hop Music Video Cameos

John Witherspoon passed away suddenly on the 29th October at the age of 77. His death has sparked an outpouring of tributes from Hollywood and the world of hip-hop.

He was a comedian and actor who was loved by many, but the world of hip-hop held him particularly close. Witherspoon was featured in Chance The Rapper's album The Big Day on the skit track Photo Ops.

John also appeared in music videos like Jay-Z's 'I Just Wanna Love U (Give It 2 Me)' as well as Field Mob's 'Sick Of Being Lonely', LL Cool J's 'Ain't Nobody', Goodie Mob's 'They Don’t Dance No Mo' and Hitman Sammy Sam's 'Step Daddy'.

Jay Z – I Just Wanna Love U feat. Pharrell Williams (2000)

John plays the nosy neighbor who can't stand the constant partying. Bang bang bang bang!

Field Mob – Sick of Being Lonely (2002)

Goodie Mob – They Don’t Dance No Mo (1998)

LL Cool J – Ain’t Nobody (1996)

Hitman Sammy Sam - Step Daddy (2003)



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