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Jonas Brothers Drop 'Like It's Christmas,' Their First Holiday Song in 11 Years

It may only be November, but the Jonas Brothers are asking us to pretend it’s already Christmas.

The Jonas Brothers, inspired by Queen Christmas Mariah Carey’s own transformation, are no exception: On Friday, the reunited boy band dropped a new holiday song, 'Like It’s Christmas.'

The band is no stranger to Christmas music. in 2007, they released the song “Girl of my Dreams” for the “Disney Channel Holiday Album. ”

Kevin, Nick, and Joe are currently on tour promoting their album Happiness Begins, but we hope they release a full Christmas album soon.

Hopefully, we will hear 'Like It’s Christmas' at Jingle Ball in New York, where the band is performing. The Jonas Brothers have truly blessed their fans this year.

Listen to 'Like It's Christmas below.



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