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Kanye West Says He Asked Jay-Z to Be His Vice President

Kanye West wants Jay-Z to be his vice-president.

Over the weekend, the rapper was on Kris Kaylin’s radio show and revealed that he reached out to the “99 Problems” artist to be his running mate for his 2020 presidential campaign.

West admitted there are some stumbling blocks, including the fact that Wyoming pastor Michelle Tidball is already his running mate, but he said,

“I reached out to Jay to possibly be my vice president, my running mate. We have Michelle Tidball, who is a Christian pastor out of Wyoming, who is my running mate. But she would be open to taking another position if we found another running mate,” Kanye said during an interview with Kris

Whether Jay-Z would seriously accept or not remains to be seen.

Singer Trey Songz openly bashed Kanye online after seeing his wild South Carolina appearance. West held a rally this weekend, where he stoked more controversy with claims that abolitionist Harriet Tubman didn’t free enslaved people, but had them go work for other white people instead.

Listen to Kanye's and Kris interview down below.



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