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Lil' Kim & Faith Evans Announce They're Going On Tour Together

Photo: John Sciulli

On September 13, the family members, friends, and fans of the late Christopher "Notorious B.I.G." Wallace celebrated the 25th anniversary of the rapper's debut album, Ready to Die.

Faith Evans made a huge announcement during the Notorious B.I.G.’s mural unveiling in New York City. The singer reveals she will join fellow icon Lil’ Kim in a co-headlining tour in the near future. 

At the event were Biggie's mother Voletta Wallace; his son and daughter Christopher Jordan Wallace and T’yanna Wallace; Diddy's son Christian Combs; Rick Ross; Lil Cease; Biggie's wife Faith Evans; and Biggie's girlfriend, Lil Kim. Of the latter two names, the relationship between them has been rocky, to say the least. Evans has previously shared details in her memoir about beating up a naked Lil Kim who she caught in bed with Biggie many years ago.

However, the ladies' feuding days have come to an end and they've made peace with their pasts. Faith and Kim came together to honor Biggie at the event, but Evans used to moment to surprise the crowd with a declaration. "We're gonna do a tour together y'all," Faith unexpectedly said. "A first ladies tour...I'm putting it out there in the universe." While it doesn't sound like it's anything set in stone, it would be interesting to see these two hit the road together.

Kim went on to honor B.I.G. by saying:

"The one thing we can count on is Biggie bringing us all together. Biggie is the love. He is the love. When you think about love, you think of our love which is Biggie, Christopher Wallace." Faith added that she feels blessed to have been apart of Biggie's life, "to know him, to meet you guys, you all have been my family. Everybody who is out here tonight clearly has a respect for B.I.G."

Watch below.



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