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Lil' Kim Fires Back at Bhad Bhabie After Being Called Out for Her Skin Tone

Bhad Bhabie compared her situation to Lil' Kim's, which did not sit well with the iconic rapper.

Since the last three years, the seventeen-year-old rapper Bhad Bhabie has been accused of speaking with an unnatural accent, darkening her skin with make-up, and wearing wigs to "black-fish" her fans. 

In her most recent fight against her critics, Bhad Bhabie brought Lil' Kim into the battle.

"Lil' Kim wears a foundation - no disrespect to Lil Kim, I'm actually a fan of hers - but the girl wears a foundation that's too light for her face. The girl went and got a nose job to have a smaller nose to be like white people. Y'all don't see that? She literally got surgery to make herself a white person... and y'all don't say a goddamn word about her. But I put on a foundation that makes me look tan," she said about Kim."

As expected, the iconic rapper has responded with some shade of her own.

"That Lil Kim hate different," she wrote on Instagram Stories. "How tf I become a target in the middle of a pandemic? There's more important things going on in the world but you better believe when this is all over ima put a date and address on it and seal it with a kiss."

What do you expect to happen between Kim and Bhabie when the pandemic ends?



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