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Lil' Kim's First Studio Album Since 14 Years Is Out in May 2019

Lil' Kim is bringing fans her first new studio album in more than a decade this summer.

Monday night, Kim officially announced a May 17 release date for her new album 9. A music video for the previously released xx-sampling single 'Go Awff' is due this Friday.

Kim’s last LP, The Naked Truth, was released in 2005. Although she hasn’t put out an album in almost 15 years, the Junior M.A.F.I.A. standout has continued to drop mixtapes over the last decade.

Her most recent tape, 'Lil Kim Season', arrived in 2016.

Kim originally set out to drop her fifth album last November, kicking off its promotional campaign with a single titled 'Nasty One' in July.

Listen to Kim’s new single 'Go Awff' below.



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