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Lil Kim Says John Singleton Wanted To Create Her Biopic Before He Passed

Lil’ Kim stopped by The Real to talk fashion, her new show Girls Cruise and a potential movie about her life story.

“I’ve gotten so many offers. I’m talking major offers,” the legendary rapper told “The Real” hosts. “BET has made an offer, Lifetime, Lionsgate. But the thing is, I had to be ready and I think now I’m ready to tell that story.”

Kim also revealed that John Singleton had expressed interest in heading her biopic. Tragically, Kim says the late director and producer is who she most wanted to tell her story.

“When John Singleton was alive, Tom Cruise and Katy Perry used to do these parties. Him and I went, he was like, ‘I want you to be my celebrity date,’ but I knew what that meant, he wants to talk,” she said on the show. “So he said to me, he said, ‘Kim, why aren’t we doing this movie?’ He’s like, ‘You’re a walking best-seller.’ And I was like, ‘Well, I was waiting for you.’”
“I always said, if I did a movie about my life I’m not doing it with anybody but you. And then he passed away,” she continued.

In a recent interview with Billboard Kim said that there may be a Lil Kim biopic coming to theaters in the future, and Kim said that when that process begins, she's returning to her hometown to find some talent.

"When I do do the movie of my life I'm going to go back to Brooklyn and I will hold auditions until I find the perfect person. If that is Teyana Taylor or Lil Mama or whoever it is, it's gotta be perfect."

John Singleton died earlier this year at the age of 51, two weeks after suffering a stroke.

Watch Lil’ Kim’s interview on The Real below.


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