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Lil' Kim Wants to Work with Lady Gaga and Drake

Photo: Joseph Ford

Brooklyn emcee Lil Kim has collaborated with her fair share of artists during her long-standing career. The Queen Bee has linked up with fellow artists from various genres to help spin some of our favorite classic jams from "Lady Marmalade" to "Crush on You," but there are a few artists that Kim still hasn't been able to work with in the studio. 

During a recent chat with Bevy Smith on SiriusXM Radio, Kim was asked if ever in her career there was an artist who rejected her request for a collaboration. After thinking for a few moments, Kim said she couldn't recall anyone who flat our turned her down.

"I don't think so... I mean, I don't really ask people," she said. "A lot of people may do it for me and then whatever. I don't know if it was a decline. I know there's times when I wanted to work with people and schedules didn't permit it, and we're still trying 'til this day to make it happen."

When pressed if there is an artist that she'd loved to collaborate with, Kim didn't hesitate to name a pop star.

"I think me and Lady Gaga could do something special," the rapper said. "And Drake, maybe. You know I love him. That's different. We'll do a lot of other things special, too," she flirtatiously joked. "He's just very talented. He's funny. He's cool. He's really, really cute."

Watch the clip below.


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