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Machine Gun Kelly Blames Eminem Beef for Poor Album Sales

Machine Gun Kelly started a war of words with Eminem by tweeting about the Detroit rapper's daughter in 2012.

Speaking with Interview magazine, the Cleveland rapper reflected on his infamous feud with the “Rap God” and how it derailed the success of his fourth album, Hotel Diablo. The project was a commercial disappointment, debuting at No. 5 on the Billboard 200 with first-week sales of 39,000 equivalent album units.

"As a hip-hop album, ("Diablo" is) flawless front to back, and also a hint at the evolution of how I went into a pop-punk album. But it was coming off the tail-end of that infamous beef (with Eminem). So no one wanted to give it the time of day"
"It’s like if you make a (expletive) movie and then you come out with a great movie right after, but people want to focus on the fact that they hated whatever you just did. What I did in the beef was exactly what it should be, but that project wasn’t welcomed."

MGK’s most recent album Tickets to My Downfall fared much better, debuting atop the Billboard 200 with 126,000 equivalent units.

“That’s why the project was ironically my best received one, because it was the most effortless, with the least outside influence,” he explained.

Hitting back at MGK, Em had released a diss song "Not Alike" and MGK Kelly followed with his own, "Rap Devil" which Eminem countered with "Killshot".


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