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Mahershala Ali to Play 'Blade' in New Marvel Movie

Updated: Aug 3, 2019

Marvel dropped a big surprise at its Hall H panel at San Diego Comic-Con: Blade, the vampire hunter, is coming back to movie theaters as part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. And this time he’ll be portrayed by Oscar-winning actor Mahershala Ali (Green Book, Moonlight).

Marvel did not announce a release date or further details for Blade, but did release a sharp-looking logo for the film.

Mahershala Ali is not a stranger to genre fare, having recently appeared in Alita: Battle Angel. Heck, he's not even a stranger to the MCU — if you consider the Netflix shows a part of everything, then technically Ali has already made an appearance, as he memorably played Cottonmouth in the first season of Luke Cage.

It seems like he's moving up in the MCU world, and we can most definitely see him playing the holy hell out of the bada** sword-swinging vampire hunter.

Even better, this time he'll be connected to the entirety of the MCU. 

It's safe to say that fans were happy with the choice. Blade will officially join the lineup of the MCU's Phase 4. 

Photo: Marvel



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