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Michelle Williams Opens Up About Being Least Favorite Destiny's Child Member

Updated: Dec 12, 2019

Photo: Getty

Michelle Williams isn’t bothered that fans think she’s the least favorite member of Destiny’s Child! The singer opened up on The Real about how she feels about being ranked below her bandmates Beyoncé and Kelly Rowland.

“You opened up about your insecurities about your singing voice. You said you knew you weren’t the vocal favorite of Destiny’s Child,” Loni Love said on the December 11 episode of The Real. “What made you second-guess?”
Michelle, 40, responded, “It’s not that I was second-guessing. I'm just aware. Some people are like ‘Oh my gosh, it stuck with her’. No, it didn't stick with me, but sometimes you are aware that you are not everybody's favorite. And that's okay.”
“I still got paid,” she quipped. “I'm aware. But I didn't lose sleep. That was not contributing to the sadness of mine. I'm just aware.”

Michelle previously opened up about suffering from depression while in Destiny’s Child, but it was unrelated to her being perceived as the least favorite member.

Despite Michelle’s struggle while in the girl group, she still remains close to Beyoncé, 38, and Kelly, 38. Her last single in 2015 featured her former bandmates. During her December 11 appearance on The Real, she told the cohosts that she’s ready to start making new music.

“Ya’ll were playing ‘When Jesus Say Yes’, and I was like, ‘That song is five years old. I got to put out something else.’ Hopefully soon. We'll see. I've been doing some singing lately. I have really been thinking a lot, so I think I can put something out.”

Check out the interview down below.



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