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New Music: Gang Starr feat. J.Cole 'Family & Loyalty'

Late rapper Guru's vocals feature on 'Family And Loyalty'

Influential hip-hop band Gang Starr have released their first new song for 16 years.

‘Family And Loyalty’ features J Cole, as well as vocals by late Gang Starr rapper Guru, who died from cancer in 2010.

Hip Hop fans were both noticeably excited and understandably confused by the news since Guru, of course, died in April 2010.

Two months after his passing, Premier told the Examiner more Gang Starr material was eminent but nothing ever materialized. Now, the timing is evidently right.

The track is currently out in select international markets, but as midnight strikes on the East Coast, it will be available globally. You can stream Gang Starr’s latest single featuring J. Cole, “Family and Loyalty,” below.



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