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New Music: Listen to Akon's New Single 'Can't Say No'

Akon has some grand plans for a proper comeback to music, he’s dropping three new albums in October.

Each album will represent a different genre and style, showcasing Akon’s versatility. A full Latin album named El Negreeto will kickstart the run for Akon, dropping October 4th through his 'Ke Lo Ke' label. 'Como No' feat. Becky G is the first song from Akon's forthcoming album, El Negreeto which he released a few days ago. The second album Akonda, which is also the name of his Afrobeats label, drops October 18. "I wanted to do a record to signify today's wave in Africa". His third album Konnect will be released a week later on October 25.

Akon‘s new song, 'Can’t Say No' samples Jamaican singer, Wayne Wonder‘s 2003 hit, No Letting Go. The singer shared the new song on his Instagram page with the caption:

“New heat for all of the lovers who knows what it feels like to with breakup with that special someone who has that special something“. In the song, he sings ” I got somebody / that i wanna let go, wanna let go / But it’s something ’bout that booty / that I can’t let go, can’t let go”.

The new song is expected to be out on all streaming services on Friday, Sept. 13.



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