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Nick Cannon Thinks He Won His Feud Against Eminem

Considering the fact that Nick Cannon still hasn't earned a response from Eminem in regards to his two consecutive diss tracks "Invitation" and "Pray For Him", he may be the winner in this new iteration of their feud.

However, there's a chance that Marshall Mathers is sharpening his lyrical knives in the studio, getting ready to end Nick Cannon's career in the coming weeks.

After he throw major hits on Fat Joe's "Lord Above," Em was the target of two attacks from The Black Squad and their leader Nick Cannon.

Several days have passed and we haven't heard anything from the Detroit legend other than a humorous response to the disses over Twitter.

Now, Cannon is comfortable declaring himself the winner in this feud, addressing Em on social media and backing out with his head still held high.

What do you think?


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