Nipsey Hussle’s ‘Victory Lap’ officially platinum

Nipsey Hussle is now a platinum-selling artist.

It’s been almost a full year since the rapper was shot and killed outside of his Marathon Clothing store in his Los Angeles, and now, his debut album, Victory Lap, just went platinum.

Following news of his tragic murder, Victory Lap was number one on the iTunes albums chart, with Hussle’s 2013 mixtape, Crenshaw, sitting at number five. It’s nice to see that even 10 months later, fans are still listening to Nipsey’s music and keeping his legacy alive.

According to Revolt, the late philanthropist averaged about 2 million audio streams before his death–but after he passed, he earned 10 million audio streams and a whopping 57 million that following day. His video streams also jumped from 900,000 to 9.7 million on the day he died.

The marathon continues, indeed.


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