Nostalgic Scoop: Aaliyah and Kidada Jones Were in The Process of Starting A Clothing Line

Before athleticwear was Gigi's thing or Rihanna's thing, it was Aaliyah's thing. The R&B icon made it cool to wear crop tops and sport bras with your baggy pants, and to not only wear boxers but also to show off their elastics with low-waist jeans.

But even with her cool sporty signature, she could still stun on a red carpet in a thigh-high slit gown with heels.

Just before she passed, Aaliyah was going to start a Japanese inspired girls clothing line with with Kidada Jones called 'Dolly Pop'

Kidada Jones was Aaliyah's best friend, Quincy Jone's daughter and the fiancé of Tupac Amaru Shakur. She is an actress, model, and jewelry and fashion designer.

Eighteen years after the 22-year-old singer tragically died in a plane crash in 2001, we'll forever remembering Baby Girl.

Kidada Jones:

Me and Aaliyah met at a Tommy Hilfiger fashion show that I styled in about ’93. She had really small feet and so did I and she didn’t have shoes for the show so I remember loaning her my shoes. Then we met again on the Tommy Hilfiger photo shoot when we were both in the ad.

There was an edgier side to her that people didn’t know. She was more forward thinking than most people. Deeper. She was fine spending time alone. She was a thinker. A little risky in fashion, she was trendsetting. We were in the process of starting a girl’s clothing line, it was called Dolly Pop. Right when she passed we were getting ready to sign our contracts for that. We were making plans for this brand that was gonna be girly and cute and have Japanese inspiration. This was seven or eight years ago, so the whole Japanese inspiration wasn’t at the forefront.

Aaliyah and best friend Kidada Jones, photographed by Jason Keeling


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