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Nostalgic Scoop: Snoop Dogg Reveals That Jay-Z Wrote 'Still D.R.E.' For Dr. Dre & Snoop

Did you know that the lead single off The Chronic 2001, “Still D.R.E.,” was written by Jay-Z for Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg?

After Dre leaving Death Row Records in 1996 due to creative conflicts and the label’s increasingly hostile environment he formed his own label Aftermath Entertainment.

Dre was in need of a hit and was looking for some lyrical heat, he called upon Jay-Z to pen his legendary comeback track. As you’d expect when you combine one of the greatest rappers of all time with one of the greatest hip-hop producers of all time; the result was one of the greatest hip-hop singles of all time.

With Hov penning the lyrics, (verses for Dr. Dre and the hook for Snoop Dogg ), Dre and Scott Storch producing the beat, “Still D.R.E.” was a smash hit, selling over 4,000,000 copies and entering the Billboard Hot 100. The track propelled Dre back into the spotlight and cemented his position on top of the rap game.

Listen to Snoop Dogg spilling the tea that Jay-Z wrote the whole song down below.


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