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Nostalgic Scoop: That Time Britney Spears and Snoop Dogg Played Ball for a Music Video

You may or may not remember this little gem, but Spears and Snoop actually have a history together. Snoop had a cameo in Spears’ 2004 music video “Outrageous,” which was off of her fourth album In the Zone. In the video, Spears shoots a few hoops, spots Snoop, and then jumps on him and licks his face.

The music video was set to premiere on MTV on June 28, 2004. After completion of the scenes with guest star Snoop Dogg, Spears was shooting dance scenes in Manhattan when around 11:30 pm, she fell and injured her left knee.

She was taken immediately to a local hospital, where doctors performed an MRI scan and found floating cartilage. The following day, Spears underwent arthroscopic surgery. Spears was forced to remain six weeks with a thigh brace, followed by eight to twelve weeks of rehabilitation, which caused the rest of the shoot as well as the remainder of The Onyx Hotel Tour to be canceled

Watch the music video down below.



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