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Faith Evans & Voletta Wallace Sue Snowboard Company For Using Notorious B.I.G.'s Image

Photo: Ilya S. Savenok

A company in Switzerland has put the “triple beam lyrical dream” otherwise known as Biggie Smalls on Boogie Boards and his family is suing them for using the rapper’s name and image, according to The Blast.

Voletta Wallace, Biggie’s mom and his widow, Faith Evans are suing the Yes Snowboard company and famous Hip-Hop photographer Chi Modu for colluding to sell unauthorized “B.I.G boards”. The products have unauthorized use of the slain rapper’s face and autograph on the snowboards they claim, nor have the company paid for its usage, according to the lawsuit obtained by TheBlast.

Both Wallace and Evans run the company Notorious B.I.G. LLC. The suit asserts:

“At a time where fame and popularity for musicians comes and goes on an accelerated time scale, it is hard to quantify the power – both emotional and financial – of a musician whose brand and persona are still appreciated, recognized, and replicated more than two decades after his death.”

Biggie’s camp is seeking an injunction against the company, along with profits made from any sales of the merchandise.

The estate also said they don’t want to damage an existing deal they had with another company and that could happen because the snowboards popped up and could hurt the possibility of that deal.

So far on the company’s website it looks like the Biggie Boogie Boards aka “B.I.G boards” have been removed.



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