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Olivia, "First Lady Of G-Unit," Announces She's Getting Married

Remember the iconic hook "I'll take you to the candy shop" ?

Olivia inked in the early 2000s a deal with 50 Cent and was referred to as the First Lady of G-Unit. Her vocals can be found on Fif's songs like 'Candy Shop', 'So Amazing' and 'Best Friend' but due to reported conflicts going on within the label, things didn't work out for her there. Olivia's talents are undeniable, but she hasn't been able to have her moment in the spotlight like many believes she deserves.

Olivia announced on social media that she is getting married. With the hashtags #HappilyEngaged and #IwasntHidingYouFromTheWorld, it seems like the singer was already engaged but just revealing it on Instagram.

“I have never been more confident about anything or anyone. I am thankful for you this year and every year to come. Thank you for literally lifting me up when I felt like the world was crumbling around me. May God bless our union.”

Olivia wrote in a Thanksgiving post on the social media site.

Check out her last major single 'Twist It' featuring Lloyd Banks below.


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