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P. Diddy Urges People to Stop 'Killing Each Other' | VIDEO

Updated: Apr 16, 2019

Photo: Getty

Sean 'P. Diddy' Combs has urged people to stop "killing each other", following the tragic death of 33-year-old rapper Nipsey Hussle.

The 49-year-old rapper has taken to Instagram to tell his fans to stop being at war with themselves, and begin taking responsibility for their actions, in what appeared to be a tribute to Hussle, who was shot and killed outside of his Los Angeles clothing store on 31 March.

Combs didn't mention Hussle by name in his 7-minute video, but did include a tribute to the rapper in the form of a video from a memorial service in Los Angeles as well as a Wall Street Journal cover dedicated to the 33 year old, which read 'Rapper Wanted His Fans to Learn Job Skills'.

In his video, Combs said:

"Enough is enough. We have acquired too much knowledge to be in the situations that we're in. First of all, none of us are alone. We came as a tribe. We are a tribe. We're killing each other. We hate on each other, we give negative thoughts to each other, we don't know how to support each other.

"I'm just speaking from my heart that enough is enough. Killing somebody, us hurting people, us not treating our women like they're queens ... We're not understanding the beauty of life, we're not understanding how we're brought up as far as love, as far as peace. And we haven't had no peace."

The I'll Be Missing You hitmaker then went on to encourage his fans to "fight back against the ignorance" of other people by using "love".

He added: "We so special. We can make it out of this, we gotta make it out of this with love. It's not complicated. We gotta make it out of this with love and we gotta fight back. But first we gotta fight back amongst the ignorance and lack of love that we have for each other as brothers and sisters."



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