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Pink Says Her 3-Year-Old Son Has Tested positive for COVID-19

Pink's 3-year-old son, Jameson Moon Hart, has continued to run a 100-degree fever three weeks after testing positive for the novel coronavirus, the 40-year-old singer told fans in an Instagram livestream on Sunday.

She first announced she and her son had COVID-19 in a series of tweets Friday. And while the singer said they both were "showing symptoms" when they were tested, she didn't offer details on their current condition.

On Sunday, however, Pink said Jameson "has had the worst of it" and remained "really, really sick" weeks after testing positive. She added that she'd been documenting both of their symptoms in a journal following their diagnoses.

"I've had many nights where I've cried, and I've never prayed more in my life," she said, continuing, "I thought they promised us our kids would be OK."

Watch the interview below (Pink begins talking about her and her son at the 8:55 mark).

Medical studies have also indicated that children's cases appeared to be milder. People have grown concerned, however, since a 1-year-old died in Illinois after testing positive for the coronavirusand a12-year-old was put on a ventilator in Georgia after being found to have COVID-19.

"There is no one that is safe from this," Pink told her fans in the Instagram livestream, also telling them that her husband, Carey Hart, and their 8-year-old daughter, Willow Sage Hart, hadn't exhibited symptoms.



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