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‘Pop, Lock, & Drop It’ Rapper Huey Dead at 31

Rapper Huey has died aged 31 in a shooting. He was most recognised among his fanbase for his 2006 mega hit "Pop, Lock & Drop It".

Huey was killed in a shooting which unfolded in his native turf of St. Louis, in Missouri. Shots were fired just before 11pm on Thursday, according to local media Fox 2 Now.

He was rushed to hospital where he was later pronounced dead. Another victim was injured in the shooting.

The unidentified person was reported to have sustained non-life threatening injuries. It's believed the second victim will survive the shooting. No arrests have been made.

The rapper has left behind his 13-year-old daughter and was previously signed to Jive Records.

Watch his mega hit 'Pop, Lock & Drop it down below.


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