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Queen Latifah Believes Nicki Minaj Will Come Out Of Retirement

Queen Latifah was caught off guard by the news.

As Nicki Minaj's abrupt retirement announcement caught pretty much everyone off guard, 

although Minaj returned to her social media platforms to apologize to her fans for the sudden reveal, others have vocalized their reactions, including Queen Latifah. The rap pioneer supported Minaj's decision to focus on her personal life but noted that once you're a rapper, you'll always have a hunger for the art form.

When the cameraman asked Latifah for her thoughts, the award-winning entertainer said:

"Is she retiring?" the Queen responded in shock as the outlet asked if she was upset to see Nicki stepping away from her career.
"She must be in love and happy," Latifah reasoned, adding that the general public should, "Let her live. She's been grinding for a long time."

Shortly after her initial tweet, Minaj cleared the air and said she will discuss her decision in-depth on her Queen Radio platform in the near future.


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