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Rakim Says He'll Knock MC Serch "The F*ck Out" Over Ghostwriting Claims

Rakim is currently on a press tour in support of his new book Sweat The Technique: Revelations On Creativity From The Lyrical Genius. 

During a recent interview with Shade 45, host Lord Sear asked the God MC if it was true MC Serch once wrote lyrics for him. Rakim was noticeably offended and hurled some fighting words toward the 3rd Bass luminary.

“He said he wrote something for me?” Rakim says. “Yeah, I don’t even know if it got to me. Oh shit. No disrespect to my man Serch, but I’ll knock my man the fuck out if he trying to say he wrote something or I needed some help. Don’t throw some bullshit in the game 40 years later, man.
“Serch, I love you man, but I will knock you the fuck out for fucking up my legacy. Don’t do that. But never.”

MC Serch caught wind of the interview and headed to Instagram to clarify the situation with two separate videos — one before he talked to Sear and one after.

“So somebody just showed me the Lord Sear/Rakim interview,” Serch begins. “Let’s get it real straight, real fast. Lyor Cohen, my manager at the time, asked me to write a rhyme for Eric B. and Rakim for the Follow The Leader album. I wrote ‘Steppin’ To The A.M.’ Rakim had no idea I was writing a rhyme. Eric B. had no idea I was writing a rhyme. The only person that knew was Lyor Cohen."
“As soon as Eric heard the first … he didn’t even hear the title and he hung up on me and then called Lyor and screamed on him for four hours. Lord Sear, for you to tell fuckin’ Rakim that I wrote a rhyme for him — yo, fuck you Sear. Trying to get fuckin’, some little fuckin’ shine for your bullshit ass show. I’m so fuckin’ mad at you right now. You’re my fuckin’ man. You could’ve called me and asked me what the fuckin’ deal was … Rakim didn’t know. Nobody knew. Yo, fuck you, man. That’s bullshit.”

Last year, MC Serch sat down with Vlad TV where he discussed allegedly being asked to writing lyrics for Rakim.


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