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Redman Releases New EP '3 Joints'

The hip-hop world was surprised this weekend after Redman shared his trio of tracks for his 3 Joints project. But Redman still has fans waiting on his much-anticipated Muddy Waters Too LP, but the veteran MC is providing listeners with some new music to enjoy in 2020.

In 2018, Redman dropped a couple of new songs and promised fans that his long awaited album Muddy Waters Too is finally coming later that year.

But that never happened. 2019 was a quiet year for the New Jersey veteran but he’s starting off 2020 on the right note with the EP 3 Joints. It features the songs, ‘It’s A Banguh’, ‘Slap Da S**t Outcha’ and ‘Zugga’. No guest artist appears on the project.

Listen to 3 Joints down below.



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