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Report: Tory Lanez Allegedly Shot Megan Thee Stallion

The person who allegedly shot Megan Thee Stallion is Tory Lanez, according to a shocking new report from Page Six on Thursday (July 16).

The 28-year-old Love Me Now? Canadian rapper and singer reportedly shot the 25-year-old “Savage” superstar following a dispute inside his vehicle on Sunday morning (July 12).

“Tory fired the shots from within the vehicle while Megan was outside trying to leave. There is video and the police are investigating. This is a case of a man physically harming and abusing a woman,” a source told the publication.

“We’re told the argument started after the group left a Hollywood Hills party together in the chauffeur-driven SUV, and at some point, Megan and her friend, Kelsey Nicole, wanted out of the vehicle"

Tory opened fire from inside the vehicle, and allegedly hit Meg in the feet twice… Megan‘s feet were clearly bleeding on the sidewalk as she followed police instructions to exit the vehicle, TMZ also reports.

Watch Tory Lanez's arrest down below.



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