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Singer Akon Has His SUV Stolen While Pumping Gas In Atlanta

Akon’s SUV was stolen from a gas station in Atlanta, Georgia, Tuesday.

The incident took place shortly after midnight in Buckhead, Fox 5 reported, with the Atlanta Police Department saying someone stole the singer’s vehicle while he was pumping gas.

“It only takes a second for someone to jump in your vehicle and take off,” the Atlanta Police Department’s Capt. Graham said.

The crime was said to have happened at the QuikTrip on the 700 block of Sidney Marcus Boulevard.

The theft comes just a day after an Atlanta City Council member proposed legislation requiring all Atlanta service stations be fitted with cameras on each of their fuel pumps.

Councilwoman Natalyn Archibong told Fox5:

“It is a common occurrence. It is not an anomaly. It is a significant enough crime and a consistent enough crime that it warrants this intervention.”



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