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Snoop Dogg Announces Release Of First Cookbook, ‘From Crook to Cook’

Updated: Nov 29, 2018

Our favorite rapper Snoop Dogg, will awaken our taste by collecting his 50 favorite recipes in a cookbook. The rapper will allow his fans to explore a new facet of his personality.

Snoop Dogg is not only the rapper who holds the record for the biggest Gin & Juice drink ever prepared, he is also a seasoned cook. This can be seen by watching the 'Martha and Snoop's Potluck Dinner Party' cooking show, with presenter Martha Stewart. The rapper felt it was time to share his cooking skills into a recipe book. The book will be titled with the grandiose name 'From Crook to Cook'. The cookbook will feature 50 of Snoop's favorite recipes that includes things like baked mac and cheese, chicken and waffles, soft flour tacos, easy orange chicken and baby back ribs.

Snoop Dogg's statement:

“You know it’s blazin’ up in my kitchen. I’m takin’ the cookbook game higher with a dipped and whipped collection of my favourite recipes, ya dig?” 🥘🥙


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