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Snoop Dogg Denies Telling On Suge Knight In Response To 6ix9ine's "Snitch" Claims

Snoop Dogg & 6ix9ine continue shading each other over ‘Snitch’ accusations

Tekashi 6ix9ine recently flipped the switch on Snoop Dogg, accusing the Hip Hop icon of being a snitch too. 6ix9ine’s new allegations against the Dogg father has got fans talking, questioning Snoop’s legacy.

Tekashi took to his Instagram Story, where he posed a question to his fans. “Should I just tell you guys what rappers snitched,” he wrote above the clickable options of “Yes” or “No.”

The rap legend has made it abundantly clear that he disapproves of 6ix9ine's return to the rap game, and last night, the rainbow-haired rapper hinted that he had inside information about the former Death Row icon.

"If your in denial the paper work is online and suge knight speaks on it from prison but we choose to ignore who we want to call rats."

He continued, “Because they told me EVERYTHING When I Started.” Snoop Dogg has responded to the accusations


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