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Stevie J And Faith Evans Say Biggie Would Approve Of Their Marriage (Video)

Updated: Nov 26, 2018

Back in July Stevie J and Faith Evans shockingly tied the knot. Although their union surprised many people, some people wondered what the late Notorious B.I.G would think about their marriage. Many people know that Faith Evans and Biggie were married back in 1994 up until his unfortunate passing in 1997. Stevie J had produced records for both Biggie and Faith back in the day. He was also a good enough friend to become the godfather of Faith and Biggie’s son CJ.

In a recent interview with Raquel Harper on BET’s “Raq Rants,” the Jordan’s answered some questions that many people have been wanting to know .

Stevie J said, “Listen, it’s 20 something years later and I’m sure he’d be happy that she’s happy. He’d be doing his thing. I just make sure that she’s good and we’re good. Long as me and her are good, and the kids are good — between us we have 10 children, so that’s a lot.”

Faith pointed out that although they were friends, Biggie had another group of friends he was closer to. She said, “If I started dating Lil Cease or Nino or Banger or somebody, then I would look at myself like, ‘B*tch, what are you doing?’"

She also reminded everyone that she had another 14-year marriage to Todd Russaw before her current marriage.

Stevie J and Faith tied the not in Las Vegas in July of this year, and since then they have been showing off their love for each other.

Check out the interview:


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