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Styles P Reacts To Akon & 6ix9ine's "Locked Up Pt. 2"

Styles P is making it clear that he has nothing to do with Tekashi 6ix9ine and Akon recording part 2 of the iconic hit “Locked Up.”

It’s been over fifteen years since Akon first released “Locked Up”, a song that seemed to play on repeat in everyone’s heads as it made its way to No. 8 on the Billboard Hot 100. Now the singer has teased a possible follow up to the hit, but this time with a little help from Tekashi 6ix9ine. The rapper does have first-hand experience, after all, considering he was recently released from prison after deciding to cooperate with federal authorities in a case involving his affiliates in the Nine Trey gang.

The idea of a Tekashi feature on the “Locked Up” follow-up had social media buzzing with criticism as many turned to Styles P for his thoughts on the matter, considering he was the original feature on the song. Styles P finally did offer his thoughts but reminded followers that worrying about a song collaboration is just another distraction at a critical time in history.

"My job is 2 remind you 2 boost the immune system n not get distracted by minor things i will always consider Akon a brother but we have not spoke or seen each other In years I don’t know 6’9 meaning all 3 of our paths are different.I live by my code n don’t hold others 2 my code," he wrote. "To make this even simpler 4 u wondering how I feel about the song.I honestly don’t give a fux the fact that this is even a topic 2 discuss with all the racial tension n plandemic/ pandemic makes me want to focus in harder on reminding y’all 2 stay golden n boost the immune!"

Check the tweet out below. 



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