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The Car Tupac Shakur Was Fatally Shot in Is up for Sale for $1.75 Million

The car that rapper Tupac Shakur was shot in is up for sale for $1.75million, featuring what are thought to be bullet dents from the fateful night he was killed.

The ‘All Eyez On Me’ rapper was travelling in Suge Knight’s black BMW 750Li in September 1996, when a white Cadillac pulled up next to the pair in Las Vegas and opened fire on the pair.

Suge avoided major injury, but Tupac was shot four times – with one bullet piercing his right lung before he died in hospital six days later.

The car, which was sold at auction by Death Row Records, has been restored to its former glory by the current owner – but they have left what are thought to be bullet dents intact on the vehicle door.

Celebrity Cars, who are heading the sale, wrote in their description of the car:

“This is the first time this car has ever been up for sale or on display since his death in 1996. It has been completely restored to the condition it was in before his death and has just received a new coat of paint. There is a small indentation where we believe one of the bullet holes was but it is hard to tell. Other than that it is fully restored."
“The wheels have been replaced with the same wheels that it had at the time of the shooting. It runs great and is in excellent condition."

Tupac was shot dead after attending a boxing match between Bruce Seldon and Mike Tyson on 7 September 1996, where it is alleged that he and his group got into a fight with an alleged Crips gang member in the MGM Grand Hotel.

Take a look at the BMW 750Li that's being auction below.


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