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'The Lion King' Rules With Big Box Office Opening for Disney $531M Globally

Updated: Aug 3, 2019

Photo: Disney

Since July 19, the little lion cub Simba has been roaring at the box office bringing in tons of movie goers to watch the film.

The Lion King received mediocre reviews from critics — most of whom praised the film’s visuals but criticised its lack of original content and blandness. But this did not deter the masses from going out in numbers and catching it opening weekend. Over in North America, The Lion King grossed $US 190 million opening weekend, officially making it the biggest Disney debut in history discounting Marvel Cinematic Universe and Star Wars movies.

It’s also the ninth biggest North American opening weekend of all-time ahead of films like Incredibles 2 ($US 182.6 million), Captain America: Civil War ($US 179 million) and Beauty and the Beast ($US 174.7 million). In fact, nine out of the top 10 films on the list are owned by Disney; the anomaly being Jurassic World ($US 208.8 million).

Outside of North America, The Lion King did even better, raking in over $US 346 million.The Lion King also made $98 million in China — the world's second largest movie market. This puts its opening weekend global cume at a whopping $US 531 million. Unless something crazy happens over the next few weeks, the film will gross over $US 1 billion by the end of its run becoming the 40th movie in history to ever do so.


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