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'The Mask 2' with Jim Carrey Rumored to Be in Development

Comic book adaptations are ruling the Hollywood industry at the moment and most of its credit goes to the advancement in CGI.

It has changed the game completely and has turned out to be an unstoppable force in comparison to other movie genres.

But, The Mask that came back in 1994 is still regarded as one of the most profitable, successful, and excellent comic adaptations ever. Also, it is one of the best films of Jim Carrey’s rich acting career.

Now, according to the trusted sources of We Got This Covered, it has been revealed that Warner Bros is thinking of relaunching The Mask franchise.

But, there’s more to it, as they’re planning to call Jim Carrey to reprise his role of Stanley Ipkiss.

Jim Carrey will next be seen in the Sonic The Hedgehog movie in the early part of next year, a new trailer for which was released just last week.

Well, it’s not just about Disney only as we all know that another 'Scream' film and 'Ghostbusters 3' are coming. So, its a trend that is going on at the moment in industry and WB also wants to try their hand in it. So far, we don’t know whether they’ve contacted Jim Carrey or not. But, one thing is clear that we are going to have a Mask movie in coming years.

But, do you want to see Jim Carrey in a Mask movie again?


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