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Toni Braxton Says Her And Birdman Are Getting Married This Year

It is unclear when the couple will reschedule their wedding amid the novel coronavirus pandemic but Braxton says it will definitely happen this year

Photo: Essence

Toni Braxton let it be known she will not be getting married in a drive-thru wedding to Birdman.

Braxton, 52, said she loves rapper Birdman and can’t wait to marry him, but told the Rick & Sasha Show that a drive-through wedding during the time of the coronavirus ain’t it.

While speaking with the “Rick and Sasha” morning show, the songstress dished about her 2020 wedding goals with the Cash Money mogul.


“We have been going back and forth on wedding dates,” said the 52-year-old singer. “We had a great date but then it was getting too big, we didn’t want a big wedding. Then we said, ‘OK, we don’t want it too small.’ Then he said, ‘OK, let’s do the drive-through.’ I’m like, ‘We are not doing a drive-through. I’m not ordering fries after we get married, babe."

Added Braxton, “We’ve been trying to figure it out, but we are definitely gonna do it this year.”



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