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Tupac Shakur Statue Gets Roasted On Twitter For Lack Of Resemblance

Fans of Tupac Shakur don't seem to approve of a statue that was built in the late rapper's honor.

On Sunday afternoon (Jan. 19), a Twitter user posted a photo of the statue in question onto her timeline and claimed it was a new tribute to 'Pac located in Dallas.

The Manhattan-born rapper, who was gunned down in a drive-by shooting in the 1990s, is to this day loved across the globe. His music has continued to live through the decades - and his fans have proved that they are not shy to voice how they still feel about the rapper, even after all these years.

The rapper has been celebrated countless times for making his mark in the music industry. He was also inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame where his name was amongst the top 100 celebrated artists of all time. He also has a statue in his honour in Detroit and not in Dallas.

It used to be in Georgia, but was removed when Tupac’s step-aunt or godmother, Assata Shakur, sold the arts center in 2015.

The center’s new owner, Jim Burnett, wishes to keep Tupac’s spirit tied to the space by erecting a new statue of him there.

In 2017, it was reported that a $500,000 bronze statue was commissioned for artist Nijel Binns to complete. The final product has yet to be revealed, but with that kind of budget and this much time to work on it, hopefully it will bear a stronger resemblance to the hip hop legend.

See what fans had to say about the current statue:


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