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Watch Alicia Keys New Music Video 'Raise A Man'

Updated: Feb 27, 2019

Alicia Keys Returns with Brand New Single 'Raise a Man'

'Raise a Man' captures the 38-year-old at her most experimental. The song is personal, vintage and accompained with a beautifully a la Alicia Keys piano arrangement.

The clip launches with the veteran R&B singer laying down in her studio as she delivers the passionate and self-filling vocals. She then transitions to a grand piano where fans get to consume classic Alicia Keys. From there, she is joined by a bass player, various friends, and family, including her son Genesis.

To announce the video, Keys took to social media to reveal what was behind the new visual’s good vibes.

"I just dropped something for y'all! I was in the studio and I wanted to VIBEEEEE out!" she wrote on her Instagram post. "My friends were there, my Gen was there!!"

Not only did Alicia Keys blew us away with her performance at the 61st Grammy Awards, she also played two pianos on stage during her musical performance. Yes, she has music in her blood, we know that.

Photo: Kevin Winter / Grammys 2019

Keys last album was 2016’s 'Here.' We’re thinking a follow-up will be on the way soon!

Watch 'Raise A Man' video below


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