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Will Smith And Tommy Lee Jones May Return For 'Men In Black 5'

Sony must have thought they’d strike gold with Men in Black: International, a reboot of a perennially popular franchise starring Thor: Rangarok’s Chris Hemsworth and Tessa Thompson

For whatever reason, though, the film didn’t make much of an impression. Sure, it earned over $250 million at the global box office, but that’s a little lackluster when you consider the $110 million price tag on the budget. Nonetheless, the Men in Black brand is not dead and the studio may have a way to fix it.

Sony is contemplating taking original actors Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones return for Men in Black 5. To elucidate, Hemsworth and Thompson would come back as well and the story’s outline would watch both comrades of MIB spies teaming up to conserve the earth.

But a source shows that Hemsworth and Thompson will be involved filming Thor: Love and Thunder following year, so Men in Black 5 might not arrive for a moment. However, from what we’re catching, Smith and Jones will almost absolutely be returning in black at least once again.



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