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Xscape Member Kandi Burruss Reveals Surrogate Was Pregnant With Twins, But Lost One

Kandi Burruss opened up about expecting baby #2 on the season 12 premiere of "Real Housewives of Atlanta" on Sunday, but fans weren't expecting what they heard.

While discussing the upcoming addition to her family with husband, Todd Tucker, Kandi shares some shocking details about her surrogate's pregnancy.

In an unsuspecting twist, the 43-year-old reality star said they were originally expecting twins but the surrogate sadly lost one.

“We actually was supposed to be having twins, and then one of them didn’t continue," Kandi Burruss stated. "I was sad at first, but then I just had to be grateful that the one made it.”

Kandi Burruss Tucker of ‘Real Housewives of Atlanta.’

She continued to talk about the surrogacy experience, insinuating she would have been more satisfied with the process had she gotten pregnant on her own.

“I just feel like this whole situation is strange. I don’t get to be excited about the first kick," the grammy winning songwriter explained. "I don’t get to be excited about, ‘Oh now my baby bump is showing.’ I don’t get to be excited even about my boobs filling up with milk.” She added, “You have this guilt [and] sadness, so it’s a joyous, yet interesting experience.”



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