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“You Got Served 2” Is Officially Happening

Updated: Feb 7, 2019

B2K’s J-Boog Teases ‘You Got Served Sequel’

The members of B2K are not playing this year! Following the big announcement that they are reuniting and going on tour, it has just been reported that they are working on a sequel to their hit film “You Got Served!”

You better go get a new NBA jersey, some fresh Air Force Ones, and wash all that sweat out of your old head band. Otherwise, you really won't be ready for this. You Got Served 2 doesn't show us much more than a logo in the first video, but you can definitely feel the exciting echoing off this quick glimpse at what's to come in the very near future.

The Boys of The New Millennium's reunion tour is set for this summer, with some big marquee names including Pretty Ricky, Lloyd, and R&B Singer Mario. But B2K isn't lazy enough to just launch an official come back tour, they need the movie to go along with it, and it's sure to bring some crazy dance moves never before attempted or seen before on the big screen. This teaser, interestingly enough, arrives the same day that Screen Gems has announced a big screen adaptation of the popular video game franchise Just Dance.

This morning we were devoid of new dance flicks. Now we got two major ones that could possibly be competing for your affections at the box office. B2K member J-Boog was the first to share the new You Got Served teaser with the world. Marques Houston was quick to share it as well.

B2K's Omarion Will Not Return in You Got Served 2

B2K member and star of the original, Omarion, has revealed that he will not be participating in the sequel. Chris Stokes is the man behind putting the boyband together and wrote/directed the original movie, which came out in 2004. Stokes is handling the writing and directing duties once more in hopes that they can match the success of the cult classic.

While You Got Served 2 is moving forward, it will not include Omarion Grandberry. The musician released a statement on social media revealing that he will not take part in the project. He did not give a reasoning behind his decision, but he also seems pretty hyped that it's happening. He had this to say.

"I love seeing & feeling the excitement in anticipation over The Millennium Tour & Dance Battle!! Timing is everything. However, I want to make it clear that the You Got Served Sequel is not affiliated with myself, the tour or our Dance Battle Challenge. Keep that energy up!! Aye"


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