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Ja Rule Officially Dismissed From $100 Million Fyre Festival Lawsuit

According to AllHipHop the Queens, New York rapper has officially been dismissed from a $100 million civil lawsuit fans filed over the infamous Fyre Festival.

Power attorney Mark Geragos is representing scorned attendees who filed the class-action lawsuit against the Fyre Festival's imprisoned founder Billy McFarland and several other executives.

Ja Rule was also named in the lawsuit, although he was dropped from the legal action in July of 2019.


In 2017 an event was promoted by a fleet of Instagram influencers and models, and was announced via a video starring the likes of Kendall Jenner, Bella Hadid, Emily Ratajkowski and Hailey Bieber which made the festival look like a chance to party up-and-close with them.

In reality, it was an utter disaster, with bands cancelling last-minute and lack of proper food or water or amenities, as documented both live on social media and in two documentaries by Netflix and Hulu.

The scenes were akin to a frat boy remake of Lord Of The Flies, with the earliest attendees being fed alcohol for as long as possible to postpone the inevitable clusterfuck, which saw patrons scramble to find bed, shelter and food for the night.

Despite this, the US District Court for the Southern Court of New York has rules that Ja Rule and Margolin weren’t aware of how it’d go down.

But Ja Rule, real name Jeffery Atkins, came under the microscope again in October 2019.

Lawyers for Geragos' firm filed an amended complaint in an attempt to have Ja Rule re-added to the class action lawsuit, over allegations he had advance knowledge the Fyre Festival was going to be a flop.

Last week, a judge sided with Ja Rule and finally blocked any further attempt to go after the rap star.

"This Court rejected plaintiffs’ conclusory assertions that they relied on defendants’ representations about the Festival as insufficient to state a claim for fraud," Judge P. Kevin Castel ruled. "In the case of Atkins, plaintiffs alleged an actionable false statement, but failed to allege that they acted in reliance thereon."



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