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Def Jam Teases a New Fighting Video Game on Twitter

Rumours of a new Def Jam game seem to circulate every few years but this time it looks like it might really be happening, as Def Jam Recordings warn that a ‘special announcement’ is coming soon.

To be fair, they often tweet vague hints at a new game on Twitter but this time they were much more specific than usual.

‘Once our Twitter hits 1 million, we have a special announcement for y’all’.

That was on Sunday and according to Twitter their number of followers is now exactly 1 million, so if this wasn’t just a con to get more subscribers then we should hopefully be hearing something very soon – potentially a remaster, remake, or sequel.

And an another tweet reads:

When Def Jam initially issued the tweet they had 991,500 followers but it looks like the Fight for New York fans rallied because as of Tuesday the account has already hit one million.

As of this writing the account hasn’t tweeted out the special announcement so there is still only speculation as to what it could be.

Rapper Ice T reckons it’s about time somebody remade Def Jam: Fight for NY for next-gen consoles.

Ice T – the man who brought out the second album to ever feature an explicit content sticker before making the iconic switch from rap to metal – wants also a Def Jam reboot for PS5 and Xbox Series X. Check out the tweet below.

Who knows, maybe Ice T will get his wish sooner than expected. We can imagine that he had a pretty fun time fighting alongside his virtual self in a tag-team match at a night club owned by Snoop Dogg, so his longing for a proper Def Jam reboot is understandable.



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